Florentia, Botanical Art Mostra in Firenze

September 12, 2018

Florentia, Botanical Art Mostra in Firenze



I had the honour to be invited to participate in the Mostra Internazionale di Arte Botanica, which will take place from 30 September 2018 to 7 October in Florence, Italy.

This major botanical art event will bring together 80 works by 40 artists from all over the world to be exhibited in the prestigious setting of Villa Baldini.
All the works presented are painted with the same medium, Watercolour.

I have chosen to introduce visitors to two ferns, the Licorice of the Woods fern & the Boston fern. (30x40cm)

On the occasion of this event, private garden tours are organised by the Tuscan Horticultural Society.
I will be able to discover the garden of Villa Medicis in Florence and its exceptional collection of potted lemon trees, a unique collection in Europe.

When I come back, I will expand my travel diary in these pages....