August 13, 2018



It is in Saint Jean, in the historical part of Old Lyon of Renaissance inspiration that I opened my gallery. This neighbourhood that I love has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1998.

Plots, traboules and colours of Florentine inspiration, it is here 2000 years of history that speak to us through the stones.

 You are facing the Temple of Change, on the square of the same name. Behind you, the Saône. Above you, the Basilica of Fourvière. Take the rue de la Loge, and after only a few meters, you are in front of the gallery. Watercolours, art prints and silks invite you in. I wanted this open, sober and luminous place to present my watercolours. It is a place of creation and inspiration with seasonal bouquets that colour and perfume the space. It is also a place of life and meetings for visitors from all over the world. They speak all languages but especially flowers and plants.




Upstairs is my studio, bathed in natural light in the morning. I like to sit at my work table, listen to Chopin, breathe and be inspired by the subject I paint. I like to caress the paper, to choose my colors, I paint with the wire of the seasons by bringing back a little nature to the workshop this nature that I like to reproduce with watercolor in the great tradition of the French botanical illustration.



The gallery also hosts botanical watercolour courses. I have been animating these moments of sharing and conviviality with great happiness for 6 years.

Around these tables, come from here or sometimes from far away, many talents to whom I transmit my passion and my experience. Observation, precision and humility are necessary as well as a little pigment and a little water...

Meet us at the Botanical Watercolours Gallery - Vincent Jeannerot

4 rue de la Loge

69005 Lyon