Tattoos by Tattly. Temporary and superb...

September 18, 2018

Tattoos by Tattly. Temporary and superb...


  is an American company made in Brooklyn founded in 2011 by the famous blogger and influencer Tina Roth-Rosenberg (


His idea, simple and brilliant, was to create and distribute ephemeral tattoos around the world using artists from all over the world and from different backgrounds.


 After closely following my work on Instagram, Tina, one day in 2016, offered me a first collaboration. It was a set of 4 ephemeral tattoos with 4 flowers.


The American company Agilex Fragrances perfumed them and thus were born the first perfumed ephemeral tattoos!


Since then, there have been several other collaborations with, for example, an aromatic plants set, another vegetable set, eucalyptus etc.

A total of 17 models were born.





Today, Tuesday, September 18, 2018, the new tattoo, the fuchsias, is being launched all over the world.




I'm thanking Tattly, "fake tattoos by real artists" and Tina Roth Rosenberg for this great partnership! vincent-jeannerot