December 08, 2018




29 novembre 2018

On Friday Dec 14th, 2018 will be broadcast on France 5 channel, the TV program, “Silence, ça pousse !" with a five-minute report dedicated to my botanical artwork. The shooting took place in Lyon, a few months ago.


In the report, I will show you my sources of inspiration such as the Marché Saint-Antoine that I am particularly fond of, my own art gallery and the different stages for achieving a botanical watercolor. 

As usual, the report is an intimate portrait of myself, produced by Marie-Ange Morges for “Silence, ça pousse!“.

To tell you the truth, after discovering my work through the website, Marie-Ange decided to show that botanical watercolor was always of interest nowadays, and could even be “fashionable”.

During the shooting, Marie-Ange was in particularly high spirits and very confident about the interview. This of course helped me to feel very comfortable and at ease for sharing my passion and talking about my job. The shooting was scheduled on a nice weather day and what a pleasant experience this was!

All my warmest thanks go to the camera crew and the production team.

Take note of the date: 14 December 2018 at 10:20 PM on France 5.